When I was a child I was required to develop a mind, body and emotional canvas that allowed me to not only survive the life, and all that entailed,  which  I was given, but also to find a way to Thrive.
As I moved through the various adult developmental stages of my life, and all that entailed, I was required to develop strong legs and feet filled with purpose and intention, a sharp mind that could filter information to clarity and focus in the midst of great confusion and uncertainty.
It is only in the later stages of my life that I had the space and contentment to cultivate an expansive interior which allowed me to first process the emotions of my entire life as well as have the wonderful privilege of having a body deep enough to hold the past, present and future, pain and pleasure, light and dark, trials and tribulations with no need to flinch, contract nor resist the walk of my life.
Lori (2017)

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