A Caged Animal

A poem written by one of my clients, thank you Daryl
A Caged Animal
I awoke one morning
to a horrifying reality
I was a caged animal
For all  to see
I awoke one morning
with the reality
I was gone from flight
What had really gone wrong
How I got here
I do not know
I had better find out
I really must go
I came upon a lady of knowledge
Who crossed my path
with a knowing smile
she gently sat in my lap
She told me how I had been hurt so much
She told me how and why she was making a fuss
She said I can not leave you in such great pain
I want to see you smile again
She spent many hours with me lifting me to the light
It shone so brightly for all my delight
As she unlocked the door that kept me ill
As she unlocked the door she gave me back my will
She gave me something I had lost
and could not give to myself
a caged animal loves no one.
I have my love I have my heart
my soul now lives and sings with my heart
I am truly a lucky man….
This is what you have done for me…

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