What is Love

What is Love

Love is a feeling that comes from within

the traveler.

Of course there are thousands of

reasons not to Love.

We could all name a few,

The broken heart, the betrayal,

the humiliations and persecutions

the judgments of our most sacred parts.

It is all too easy to fetch up on the

 mount of those story lines

and stay stuck for years, or even a


All the reasons not to Love.

But I ask you to consider if that is not

Harmful to yourself.

Is it possible that standing on the Mount

prevents you from experiencing

The river of Love in the being.

The mighty rushing of the heart opening

And being free to Love, in all matters

All the time.

What if it were possible to wash oneself in the

cleansing river each moment.

That it is a choice to Love and a way of life.

What if your soul only begs to Love

No matter.

Just saying!


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