Walking Through The Storm

Walking Through The Storm

Oh the holy burning fire
When forces grab you by the neck
Threaten your very life breath
Draw you into the burning of humility
And surrender
No amount of kicking and screaming is going to get you out of it
No fast or tricky moves

When your world stops on a dime
And disbelief sets in

When innocence is lost

And Truth begins to trickle in

Illusions and naivety begin to fade

And the soul Weeps at the Wisdom

walk walk walk forward
The road will be uncertain- the woods deep dark and overwhelming

Grab your chainsaw my dear friend- the awakening will require one tree to be cut at a time to clear your Path

You will be alone with the angels- expect it – for no one else knows your true Way

Expect adversity, opposition, obstacles and barriers
These are the Character builders that define your walk here on Earth.

That provide the fuel to reach the Centre of the fire.

I promise you if you point the vessel to your true inner knowings
You will move past the storm

A fresh and renewed- rebirthed and Free
But you must be willing to walk through the storm without losing the focus of manifesting your true self in the world.

Do you want to know what life and love is- please do walk this Way


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