Walking in the Dark

Walking in the Dark

When I was young, wild and carefree

I could feel me.

Then came lovers, finding my purpose, a husband and

Beautiful children.

I packed her away to meet the call

To honor my children

To be a good wife

To be of service.

She did not rise again till my 40th year.

Out she came slowly with power, grace and strength

Though I resisted this turning of age

And the transformation therein

It was a useless battle,

One I was not set to win.

Like a crow seeing my reflection in the mirror

I fought with myself

Pecked her back

That girl of yesteryear

Afraid of her torque

The intensity of her fire

Not wanting the burning again

Fearing being consumed by the Dark.

Much too much surprise, this turning of time

Is toward the light.

No need to fear

For her fire is for


            ~Lori (2013)

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