Interdependency and Interconnectedness,

I wonder what happened globally as we advanced

In technology and the proliferation

Of access to information from all over the World

As we were infiltrated by the awareness of other Ways of living

Across the Globe

As we sit with watchful eyes and analysis

With a certain kind of arrogance afloat.

That we are the keepers of Wisdom, that we have found

A better Way to live than others.

As I pulled myself out of the incrustations of institutional bureaucratic


And wandered around  experiencing the Ways of other cultures

and religions.

I have been enlivened by the wisdom all around the globe

That resides in the most obscure settings.

To me, it is like the homeless person on the street that opens the

Voice box to tell me what has been learned on the journey

Of living that Way of life.

When I stop to listen, engage, to see, to open my heart to that person

I am showered with wisdom that I could not obtain on my own

for it is only placed in the traveler from the walk of homelessness.

My commitment is to be willingly to be taken away from my comfort zone of

Safety and superior wisdom to allow myself to be taught and to see

What I really may not want to know but my inquisitive heart

Says you must.

You must see the size of the cloth of humanity

You must be willing to behold the sometimes harsh truths of our

Noble society.

To see how the landscape of the workings of singular human experience

Is impacted by the structures of society, sometimes positively and sometimes


You must be willing to see who are the benefactors and why

And who are the victims, the isolated the obscure and why.

It is not easy to hold this in my heart

For at times my whole body weeps

That we cannot find it our hearts to listen, hear, understand

And to see.

That we could someday to be the

Impoverished person on the street.

But I know we could, deep in my heart

We could.

                                                                                 ~Lori (2014)

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