Time Heals

Time Heals

Whispering winds, gentle touches solid earth

Radiant sunshine

Sitting quietly.

Washing away the sorrow

One slow breath at a time

Each moment a new awakening to

the life to come.

A new life beyond the sorrow

In the slight cracks

Of the new day

When the longing ceases, the striving

the pushing the pulling.

And the heart lingers to hold a moment

of peace and silence

When joy has the opportunity to rise up

In the depths of the being

Joy that is beyond the scars

Joy that is beyond the need

Joy that is beyond the desire

When we settle into the Joy of daily

Living, Taking each precious moment

As it is.

Being grateful for the moment in whatever fashion

It chooses to arrive.

When the soul meets the coming day with a gentle Hello

And exits it with Amen.

All is well, time will heal and the soul

Will carry us on through.


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