There is Power in the Truth

There is Power in the Truth

Courage is required to speak the truth

As soon as the words leave the lips

an onslaught of attack begins.

Those who are invested in keeping the truth

hidden perceive a threat and mount a

strategy to suppress the truth sayer.

We do not really wish to believe we live in a world

Like this

But we do.

Ask yourself why you stay silent

the answer will surely be fear

instinctively we know that difficulty

will come upon us, when we speak the Truth.

False power, that which is based in suppression, threats

deception and agendas will go to any length

to stop the disclosure of truth

the reaction immediately indicates there is that

which is hidden.

A truth sayer has no need to hide, for all that is

within is already in the open

There is no need to mount a strategy for there is nothing to protect.

The truth sayer simply needs to walk forward

Continuing to speak the truth

And continuing to have Courage

Despite the attacks.

This is surely not an easy walk, but in

time all things are revealed.

It is nature’s Way.

         ~Lori (2014)


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