The Untold Story

“The Untold Story”

I have been coming to it my entire life,

Little did I know

Thinking I was out running it, rising above it

However I was walking right into the fire of it.

Leave it to me to end up where I started

Never knowing that I would.

I have seen humanity, explored cultures, submitted myself to all that seemed to light my fire,

Seeking, enduring, ending and

Moving on,

No one asking me why.

A nightmare at times, Russian roulette at others.

Tempting fate, begging for an end.

Searching for some concoction I could lay down in

Rest, feel, let go, trust

Love and be loved.

In the revealing of the truth of my life, the excruciating painful

realities of what I have witnessed and been subjected to

when I had no choice, no protection, no way out

The Untold Story.

I have found me,

Now I shall rest.

                                                   Lori (2012)

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