The Sexualized Female

The Sexualized Female

As of late I have been pondering the sexualization of females.  Being a single woman and having a 14 year old beautiful daughter, I am confronted by this phenomenon on a daily basis.   An elder once said to me “Lori you are a beautiful woman, but you seem to be disgusted by men’s advances”.  I laughed and said “It is true I am”.


Because I know beyond all knowing that when the advance is made they only see my exterior, which I am not at all attached to and never have been.  They do not see me, soul me, they do not know what lies in my dark and deep, what makes my heart sing, where I have been in my life and what I have learned.


It grieves my heart to be seen and treated in such a manner, after all I have lived, the mountains I have climbed, the obstacles I have overcome.  These are  are my essence, these are the things I would need to be known about me and I know beyond all knowing that this would be a very challenging endeavor for anyone who wished to enter my heart.  True love only blossoms in the flowing heart.  Amen!

So I have come to a place in my life that I know a suitor would require an endless supply of gasoline, before I would even put the keys in the ignition.   It is quite liberating really.

~Lori (2013)

  • Deanna  That’s good!!!!! I like what I heard the other day on relationships! To have a relationship of the heart you can’t bounk(sp) your way into it! Lol  from my experience it’s difficult to find people who are willing to look inside! As I am getting older it is easier not  be attached to my body! Lol
    Kimmy the eyes need to look within, its whats on the inside that counts, and you lori,are beautiful both inside and out. don’t ever let anyone tell you different. i don’t believe in my whole life i have met anyone like you. the one that catches your heart will be the luckiest person, have a good day! <3
    Brenda Morley Lost count of the number of times I have been asked “have you found yourself a man yet?”.  Anybody who knows me, knows that I live a very full life.  If and when I find a new best friend, soulmate, partner in life’s adventures, ups and down and most of all gentle companion, you won’t have to ask….I think you will know.  This is also quite liberating  🙂
    Marion Good words for me to live for.
    Rita  Lori….you made me smile and then chuckle at your last comment.  I have been cleaning up my paper work and have come a lot of little notes I have written down.  My favorite has to be never stop dreaming while you are in the pit….it is hard to know what to do when you are coming out of the pit but haven’t reached your dream yet….here is what I followed…”Stay positive!………Choose wisely! …….Believe that everything happens for a reason!Remember what matters! (The present moment.  The good people in it.  Hearts and dreams and feelings.)……….Take one day at a time, one moment at a time, one step at a time!….Don’t sweat the small stuff or the stuff you can’t control!……Count your blessings!…….Begin each day as a new beginning!…..Eventually you will go from the pit to the palace and you will love your life.  God’s Plan B is Better and when I look back I have no regrets it all happened for a reason.  As we work our way towards our dreams God wants us to help others reach their.    
    Some dream are broken and sometimes we really never completely heal from a loss of a love one to death, alcohol, drugs, mental illness, etc. but NEVER STOP DREAMING!!!  And always remember that you own your happiness….no one is going to make you happy they will only add to your happiness!!
    Rita  Oooops lost my train of thought on that one……Lori you have climbed so many mountains already a real inspiration to many.  I really believe  if a suitor is one of your dreams…..when the timing is right you will meet the one with the “endless supply of gasoline” you will quickly “put the keys in the ignition”!  And we will all be extremely happy for you!!
    Lori Ellis McKinney Thank you Rita- I am a woman so I still dream however I have already all that I ever wished for in life- a happy safe loving home- happy healthy children and my purpose so I am fulfilled if that piece happens to go unmet- can’t have it all but we can always DREAM and at least figure out what we are most looking for and need 🙂
    Lori Ellis McKinney In case it walks up
    Joe  Lol lol lol where is your heart
    Lori Ellis McKinney securely and safely in my chest Joe, gonna stay there until its right, I say I have been vaccinated when it comes to love 🙂
    Lori Ellis McKinney I have waltzed, trotted, the two step, the jig, ballroom danced, dirty boogied, marathon danced, danced for show etc.  So not sure what kind of dance would be left that I don’t already know and grown tired of 🙂

Lori (2013)


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