The Journey of a Small Town Girl

The Journey of a Small Town Girl


A healing Vision

I wonder how it came to be

To find that in me.

Was it placed there at my birth

With some unknown awareness

Of the future road I would travel.

Was it born in me to help me

Endure the disappointments, the failures

The  blinding.

To hold me when I could not hold myself

To protect me when I was not equipped

To protect myself.

Oh I wonder when I travel into the

Dark and deep of my life

Where did the vision come from

The Strength

Surely not from simple me

A bag of bones fighting

To be restored

To me.

A profound inner commitment to peace and healing

Surely that is all I truly possessed

As I journey

Committed to cause no harm

Though I carried such hurt and anger.

There never was anyone to blame for my misfortunes

Just a knowing that I must go on

For my children

Then for me.


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