The Dance

“The Dance”

I am glad I didn’t know the way it would all go,

Though we long to know

Or we think we do

Would it not be too steep

The road too long

The endings too difficult to bear.

I ask you if you knew

Would you still dream

Live in hope, the rising of the sun each day

Or would you bury your head and say

No, not this I cannot.

I am happy to live out each day, the road ahead unknown

The days before long gone

Pleased to ask myself

Can you Lori, see this coming day

With the grace and love

The creator asks of you.

Can you meet it in the ways of the Spirit

In Peace, Love and Forgiveness

No matter the dance

No matter the story

No matter what I am required to let go.

Can I right myself, clean myself of sorrow, malice, and shame.

Can I begin again,

Can I be born again unto this Holy Day,

I say Yes

And bow my head.

                                                                                                     ~Lori (2013)

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