Tally-Ho my dear friends tally-ho,

The sun is rising, the Eagles are flying

The dawn is breaking,

Spread apart by the holy awakening

A fresh new start is on its way!

The days of darkness, betrayal and deceit behind me now,

Grateful for the reckoning I am

So for those that felt the need to strip me bare

I hold only gratitude in my heart.

You see had it not been for you and my engagement with you

I would not be me

So intertwined we are or were,

I do so hope you are enriched as well.

For a shame it would be for only one to receive the blessings

of the mighty teacher of life.

I say take your malice, your judgment and hostility

and be gone.

For I have found the way of peace, love and unity,

Facing myself my own light and dark

the hardest journey of all,

Just try and you will see

It is no easy feat!

   ~Lori (2012)

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