Step Forward

Step Forward

Step forward boldly in the direction of

your dreams.

The inner tenacity required to hold

the path of the dreams

is of the greatest importance

to the fruition of them.

The crosses to bear along the way,

the situations that will bring you to your knees,

the people who will fall away along the journey,

the failures that will bring a tearing apart of the

interior and cause an absolute desire to quit.

These my friends are sure markers and tests that

will arrive before any true external

measures of the Dream can be


The inner howl that calls out to the moon

that rises above these experiences

and echoes through the canyons,

 I still Believe.

The moment when to turn back would entail a life lacking


And to move ahead brings body rattling Fear.

When the traveler fetches herself up and says

“I am gonna do it anyway”

When the interior says

“ I just don’t care”

what the outcome is.

I will surely be content knowing that

I gave it my all.

Never holding back on pulling deep and hard

on all that resided in me.

I walked till I could walk no more,

I prayed till there was nothing left to pray,

I stood until standing was the only thing left

I could do.

And in all of that each and  every moment

I was lifted to where I never knew I could be.

Lori Ellis~McKinney (2014)

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