As the sun reflects in the water

So do our lives reflect

What is in our soul.

If we are living lives that are

Unfulfilling   in some manner

we will resist this truth.

But I assure you that where you are now

Is where you are suppose to be.

If there are bridges yet to cross, walls to tear down

Or changes to make.

It is You who must gather up yourself

Your mind and heart

And begin.

Little by little, piece by piece

To discover what it is you must do

To bring harmony to your life.

It is only you  that has a knowing of what is in

Your inner most being.

Your longings, your desires, your gifts

It is only you that can

Manifest them in your life.

It is easy to recognize when the soul has come out to play,

For it brings a cascade of beautiful heartwarming feelings

Of satisfaction, happiness, and a sense

that all that is in you has been brought forward

to the now.

Know that it is rarely a thundering entrance and mostly

Little moments of knowing

A song, a painting, a poem, a moment of service

A loving embrace, a giving hand.

These are the precious moments when our lives become a reflection of who we


Letting the weaknesses fall to the background of our lives,

Though they will still be there, lurking for their expression too!

    ~Lori (2014)

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