I was walking down the road

And along came a bird

He looked into my eyes

He stared deeply into me

I felt his Freedom


There was something so appealing about

His Way.


To gently move from flying, to sitting, to searching, to



I chuckled at the simplicity of it all.


I said dear bird will you show me the Way.


Can you share with me how you live so easy.


He said oh dear child it is within you already, Just let go

Follow your senses, your instincts; trust your body, your vision, your need

Just let go and follow my Way.


But I am frightened I said, What if….


What if you crash, he said what if you crash


He said look closely at me, very close, See I am missing some feathers, I have some scars

But I still Fly and I have not lost my Way.


Yes Raven, Yes Raven


I shall follow your Way till I can fly no more.


Thank you


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