Prayer of Truth

Prayer of Truth

Oh my dear sweet Creator

Walk in to my heart, body and soul

And wash me clean of the indignities.

May you administer your almighty cleansing power to

Restore your guiding light into my Being

That I be granted the power of your love

To overcome the violent darkness that was placed on my interior.

So that I may surpass in the future days any remnants of this darkness

To continue to carry myself in the gentle Ways you have taught me.

That I may continue to walk forward in Universal Love, Understanding and Peace.

That the trumpet of Truth sing loudly up through me from the bottom of my feet

To the soft gentle whisper of my heartfelt Voice

Even if my lips tremble and my legs shake.

That I walk with the strength of your earth, trees and sun to settle my

Soul and let the Winds of Fate blow hard and forcefully to clean

Out all that must be cleared for the good of all.


~Lori Ellis-McKinney (2016)

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