Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

Oh dear holy sweet maker of the Wind

May you bring the warmth of your cleansing Spirit

To those who suffer pain in their Heart


May they know your gentle healing ways

May they be wrapped in the settling vibrations

Of your security


May they step forward and let go

Of the struggle of non acceptance

Of whatever hurts their Heart


And step into the present moment

And all that it has to offer

In simplicity, care, connection and surrender


May you cast a light of love through the veins of the

Their still pumping Heart

And show to them that today is a day to Live


Help them to seek out comfort from all that is real

That was made by you

The birds, the river, the trees, the sun, the moon, the flowers

May they lay down their hurting heart in the tender grass

And open it to your radiant Love.



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