A great teacher Poverty is,

I thank God I grew up in abject poverty.

It taught me to be content with simplicity

to not be attached to the material substances

that matter not really.

To rise above the judgments that come with it from

Others who seem to have so much more.

I looked deeply to see, well what do I have

I have a heart, compassion, understanding

For myself and others who struggle

Day to day.

To survive as best as they are able.

To have fun with the simplest of things.

A silly and free experience with just my family and me.

To focus on the wellbeing of myself and my family.

To rejoice in the simple of rewards of making it through the struggles.

To believe in myself and others who may appear not to have it

All together.

The work on the interior can look that way when one is not focused on the

External –  working on the heart

Working on letting go of the pain of the struggle

Working on moving past

the insurmountable

These are the teachers of Poverty,

Blessings they come to be.

The best rewards of all.

Survival in Love.



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