One Life

“One Life”

If it were not for the painful crossroad,
Would we not evolve?
What causes a fundamental shift in this one life of ours?
Is it not the weeping, the raging, the betrayal, the injustice, the sickness, the poverty, the unfairness that causes the revelation.
When the sacred is torn from our lives is it not the soul sickness which follows that causes the seeking, the hunger the insatiable need.

Now let’s sit with that for a moment…
And another moment
And another.
Breathe, oh my dear friends Breathe
Taste the water, smell the air, feel the touch of another,

When the sacred is torn from us we will be held.
This is the promise.
Let your body be a prayer to the Divine, kneel down in the grass and Listen.
You will be shown the Way.
I promise, there are no exceptions.
We are one.

– Lori (2012)

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