My Brother

My Brother

So undeserving of his pain he is,

Kind and loving to all,

Always has been.

A tender heart from his birth,

Likely the reason for his current state of mind,

Not able to shield himself from the horror,

So he retreats.

Deep in the canals of his mind,

His private hell,

Though he battles with all his might

to come back

it is painful to watch.

Just hoping and praying I would have enough to offer him,

to enflame the desire to live

to hope, to dream,

to see a future, one that would not entail

living confined, losing his freedom,

Something he knows all too well.

Can you see him like I do,

Can you see the innocent loving heart he is,

Please look deeply for it is there,

Behind the pain and anguish,

The things that don’t fit and do not make sense.

Really he is no different than the rest of us,

Just less polished!

          ~Lori (2013)

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