Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into Years

Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into Years
It has been 10 years since precious Juli-Anna’s life was taken
The untimely and devastating manner of her death, took me to my core and changed my life.
Witnessing the failure of the system designed to protect her, fail her in the most severe way possible shook the very foundations of my beliefs, my ability to be of service in that system and to the acceptance of the truth that I could no longer be a part of a system I had lost faith in.
Painful realities to face being a fighter for the protection of children     Imprinted on my soul from my own child hood experiences.
A fire in me that raged with courage and purpose to step willingly into violent and dangerous experiences to ensure the safety and protection of children.
To be subjected to intense professional scrutiny, to have intentional threats of my safety leveled against me for taking action to ensure children were safe.
It is not noble- it is called Service.
To walk through the fire of truth and bravery of speaking about the failures of the system when I realized if I did not, the story of Juli-Anna would never be told.
As a society, we needed to hear it as much as it turns the stomach and reveals horrors about the world we live in.
I have no regrets for speaking the truth nor do I have regrets about the changes that occurred in me as I was brought internally to the Truth that unspeakable harm does occur to the innocent and vulnerable.
Naivety was lost but wisdom was gained.
Becoming a wise old Owl was a less than pleasant experience however sitting in the tree watching has become a comfortable place to be at the turning of 10 years.
-Lori (2014)

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