Anyone I have loved in my life, I still


Those who have passed on I still Love

Those who did not love me back I still Love

Those with whom I shared Love but parted

I still Love.

Those with whom there is distance I still Love.

The sensations are active in my being though they may

not ever know it, but once they did.

For all my life I have been free to express my Love

Even if those I was loving were not

able to.

I understand that it is difficult to love

Amongst hurt, betrayal, disappointment

and calamity.

The heart wishes to close off and protect itself

take shelter and find all the reasons not to Love.

It is natural for this to occur.

But Love is wild and unruly

It cannot be rationalized by the mind.

You will see if you dig deep under the pain of the relation

It is still there

A flame that flickers- forever once it is lit.

Of course we all relish in the volcano of Love

And suffer when it becomes an ember

hot coals that remain as remembrance of the

the mighty fire.

We could linger on the sorrow of that

Or we could hold the memory of the sweet and mighty

roar of the knowing of free flowing Love in our being

and thank the Universe for the

opportunity to become acquainted

with the Bliss of Love.

I prefer to hold the memory

to the light and get down on my knees

in gratitude that I have known Love.

                        ~Lori  (2014)

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