Love Lights up the Earth

Love lights up the Earth

The river of love is deep and wide It runs a current through the body
That enlivens the soul

That causes the body to tremble and shake dance and sing
Like the alchemy of a flock of birds flying together in a magical symphony  effortlessly flying together to and fro
Each knowing the current of the other
Without words or instruction
Each adjusting to be in synch with the other to allow for an effortless flight

Ah love – when the only desire is to be in harmony with the flow of the other

When the rhythm of the other links together naturally to join in a thunder dance with the power of the union magnifying the flow beyond the capacity of the individual traveller

When awe and humility arrive in the soul at the great and wondrous magical mystery of the power of love
To lift the spirit to a new plateau of understanding the simple magic and great gift of living one more day on the beautiful planet

And the heart sings a symphony that gently rises through the mouth chirping out a delicate tune like the little sparrow who whistles lightly

Just to experience the pure delight of the song rising out of the innards.

To love and be loved
then it all makes sense

Seek on till you find it…. And it shall come!

~Lori (2015)

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