Life is a Meditation

Life is a Meditation

Where is everybody going?

What is all this running around and accumulating,

What does it all signify?

Your worth, your importance, how

Competent at living life we are.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hurry, hurry, hurry,

Do, Do, Do

Really how did we end up here

Believing this was the Way.

Who set the structure and why

Oh I don’t want to know really

I just want off, no more pushing, no more pulling, no more reaching

Done, Done, Done.

Living on moments, peace, love

Ohhh t’is sweet.

Sweetest thing I have ever known.

Little Lori, sitting in a flower patch, watching the bumble bees

Fill their senses with sweet

Happily buzzing about

They won’t hurt me if I don’t hurt them

Together we live in harmony

My life being a meditation.

T’is sweet


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