Knowing when the Deck is stacked against you

Knowing when the deck is stacked against you

There is a skill in knowing when to pull back and to lunge ahead in life.

It rotates on a pendulum of observation, risk and assessing the situation accurately.

Often defeat is laid at the doorstep of the traveller when ego becomes the focus as opposed to vision.

When the forces threaten the travellers perception of achieving success – there is a tendency to contract around managing the negative forces to reduce the negative interpretations

This is precisely the point that the deck folds- the warrior retreats to safety and manages the risk.

There comes a time in the journey of reaching the vision of our lives we will sit alone at the table holding one ace and be asked to take the risk

At this juncture there are no guarantees the hand must be played as it is

Going bust or going home.

Busting through the fear of this moment throwing the cards to the wind and letting destiny takes it course is enormously liberating- regardless of the outcome.

Living ones dreams has a discrete satisfaction deep in the interior that only the traveller will understand.

This is the standing on the mountain top hands stretched high in the air- bellowing – I did it!

Even if in the standing the only evidence of the victory resides deeply and secretly in the belly of the warrior.


Lori (2014)

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