Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit

All the sudden one day I just woke up

as if out of a long dream

and the whole world seemed different.

And I understood it in a Way as

never before in my life.

And all was still and quiet

Translucent even

All that I battled and was confused about

Drifted in to the background of my awareness

And I saw things I never wanted to see before.

I must have become willing.

The burst was mixed with elation and devastation.

Swinging between laughing and crying.

In a flash my entire life choices were revealed to me

And how the walk brought me to the

Epiphany of self.

That I walked right into myself over and over again,

Same life lessons repeating

At deeper levels.

Just when I thought I would be clear of myself

Along came another scenario

To ensure that I understood myself clearly.

One could say this is cruel, however I would

Say it is liberation of self

When coupled with an indomitable spirit.

        ~Lori (2014)

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