In the Cauldron of Disdain

In the Cauldron of Disdain

Do you know when we run from our truth

We are really dismissing

All that we long for.

Really, when we contemplate what

Is this journey of birth and death we

Are on it is difficult to understand

The meaning behind the wild adventure.

As soon as we are born we begin the process of dying

Let your mind and heart wander

You will see.

We are born pure and holy

And we will die the same

Attached to nothing but

The great omnipotent light.

It is a process of losing the knowing  as we journey

Then coming to it as we surrender to the

Truth of our great reckoning of self.

For me, I wished to come home while living

To have a living faith deep in my interior

As I moved about my life

Not waiting till my closeness of death

To experience – Heaven on Earth.

T’is the pain that brings one close to the Light,

Step right in now, embrace your truth

Even if you get boiled in the

Cauldron of Disdain

It will pass.


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