Illusion of Control

Illusion of Control

It is natural for people to believe they have control over darkness entering their

It eases the insecurities, provides a level of comfort and a even a level of arrogance for others. As if their savvy and intelligence keeps them protected.

It is true that when an unpredicted violence knocks on your door, the illusions
evaporate instantaneously.

The orchestra of the interior operates in the state of fear, where little comfort can be

There is a process for living after violence- however the road is steep and does not allow the traveller to return to the comfort of the illusions.

A way of living must be adopted that settles the psyche and comforts the soul while at the same moment holds the awareness of the potentiality for darkness to knock once

The ability for the warrior to vacillate to and from these two realms and not become stuck in one or the other, is a true mark of wisdom.

An indication that the violence has not permeated the Warriors Soul.

~Lori (2014)

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