I am no Stranger to the Rain

I am no Stranger to the Rain

Storm clouds a coming

I can feel them on the Horizon

Another challenge in Life

to overcome.

Which way to go,

Run for Shelter

Or Walk with the Wind.

The crossroad of decision

There is a time to stand

And a time to Fall.

Experience at living

Helps us decide the storms to

Step into and the ones

To let pass us by.

Accumulated wisdom is the key.

The compass of priorities the guide.

Leaning toward the glue that binds the heart

Is really all that matters.

Ourselves, our families, our communities, our friends

the sick, the vulnerable the needy.

They are the priorities of no regrets,

Facing the storm to protect them

Allows the traveler to put the storm clouds

Behind her quickly

And head toward Sunshine.

               ~Lori (2014)

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