Holding Space

Holding Space
I truly love to hold space for people who are
struggling in life with the pain that will surely come to
each and every person at some point in their lives.
This is the journey of humanity- To some it comes
early in the adventure and to some it comes later
but it always comes to everyone.
With the opening of my own well travelled heart I share
in the moment of the release of the pain.
It is true that to do what I do I must travel the rugged Way
of my own interior to join with my fellow traveller
I must also feel the pain, the loss the struggle, the heartache theirs and mine
but I don’t really mind
For I know if I sit patiently with my friend the light beams will begin
to gently break through the inner being of the person I am with
and together we will enjoy the bliss and triumph of rising
through and up and on.
This is my reward. I wait for it patiently.
~Lori (2015)

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