Holding on or Letting Go

Holding on or Letting Go

Tell me have you struggled as much with this

As I have.

It is true we all do, however when one is in the vector

Of the decision, it feels so alone.

Like no one else has travelled the road,

Yet we all have in one way or another.

The difficulty is the decision to hold on or let go it is

Intensely intimate and personal

No one can choose for you.

T’is a holy moment of reckoning which others looking

In will find hard to understand.

They do not need to really, it need only make sense to you.

Whether life has made the choice for you by circumstance or you are left

To choose yourself-

The internal processes that one must endure after

Are the same.

Holding on brings, commitment, rediscovery and forgiveness

Letting go brings unspeakable grief, shame, and hollowness.

Neither is more pleasant than the other.

But which way to go

Now that is the pinnacle.

Rest for awhile the answers will come,

In their own time and in faith.

        ~Lori (2014)

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