Heavens Help

Heavens Help

Heavens hope,

Are you willing to fly freestyle,

No safety straps

Dear Heaven

Oh your beckoning call,

Such a price to pay for

An unequipped soul

Though I longed for your tender embrace

With every part of my being

I did not think I could pay the price of

Your requested offering

Though I trudged on through the mighty valleys and wondrous


I was not sure

Not at all confident in my impoverished soul,

Though you said the weakest among you shall become the strongest

I did believe them to be just words

Not faithful to the truth of them when I was on my knees

Wrapped in anguish and begging

Though I continued to believe, as what did else I behold

But the great loving mystery of

The father and mother of the Planet.

Stripped bare of all else

Now I understand that the cleansing is a requirement

To the great passage that a

Loving warrior must take.

Thank you


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