Head in the Sky, Feet on the Ground

Head in the Sky, Feet on the Ground

The interplay of an open heart and practical mind requires a tenacity internally to ensure that the Pilgrim
remains solidly in the real world.

When people fall in love they often lose touch with the rational mind and the wild and oozing heart takes over their being.

The transcendent feelings of true love felt in the being are so pleasing that the pilgrim makes the mistake of not consulting the Mind.

Decisions can be made in this state and lives changed, convinced that the feelings will last forever and the pilgrim has finally made it to the life they sought.

T’ is trickery in oneself, transcendent Love is fickle. true love is a gentle hum, tempered by the Mind.

The ability to ebb and flow and move in and out of the pleasing states, while  being grounded in the practicalities of daily living.

To feast, then let go, to experience, then let go- to be comfortable in the experience of Love while at the same time being comfortable in one’s own identity, individuality and purpose.

To be together but also be separate

For it is in the separate that the pilgrim  reconnects with the self.

Losing oneself in Love is not the way. A sense of contentment and peace will only arrive if while loving one remains connected to one’s own sacred purpose, and that my friends is born into the Pilgrim and should not be lost along the way.

Not even for Love!

~Lori Ellis ~McKinney (2014)

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