Have you ever made a Promise

Have you ever Made a Promise

When I was just a young girl, all but 21

I found myself in the depths of despair

And facing the sure end of my Life.

I cried out to my dead father, who was tragically killed when

I was one and half years old.

In the darkness I cried, help me, please

If you get me out of this, show me the way

I promise to you and the Universe

I will commit my life to service.

The service of doing good, helping others

Making all that I had endured of value.

That I would face the pain inside of me

And turn it to wisdom.

That I would lay down the vices

That softened the pain

And go forward in truth and love

As best I was able.

I have honored that commitment as I move

Into my 24th year of the journey.

Though I did not know or could even imagine

All that would be laid upon my platter.

Many times I have spoken out loud, please stop

It is too much, I cant do it.

But surely and simply when I listened deeply

the Way through would be shown to me.

Deeply grateful.

             ~Lori (2014)

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