Thankfulness is a feeling deep in the heart

that can only be accessed after

a heart wrenching experience.

Being grateful is rooted in an awareness

of the losses and insecurities of living.

The sensation only arrives after

Ignorance and arrogance

has been expunged from the being.

Life events will ensure this process occurs.

The portals of the eyes show the journey

The depth, the opening to the soul.

Eyes wide open, the ability to see is given

To those who have experienced

the truth of living

Those who are willing to behold the

Truth, the majesty of Grace.

To allow the heart and mind to become one,

An interlocking, integrated flowing guiding

reality on the interior of the sacred vessel of the


The path to this being state, is the holy reckoning of Self,

Not a walk one should attempt on self will,

For that would not at all be enough to secure the awakening.

On the knees, will be the only Way, for the encumbrances of being a simple human

will surely block the crossing

to Gratitude, peace, love and forgiveness.

The opening of the eyes, the crossing of the threshold

occurs when the soul joins with the Light of the great Wonders

Of the Universe.

Water, Wind, Sun, Moon.

An elevated realm, leaving behind the unimportant and insignificant

Illusions of the modern world

and joining souls through the eyes,


    ~Lori (2013)

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