Discretion is the better part of Valour

Discretion is the better part of Valour

To be free, to speak Truth

Waiting for this moment all my life

To say all that I need to say

Without fear of Sanction

To be Free.

Here I am, Blackbird,

Broken Wing,

Cracked heart and all.


T’is Sweet.

Radiant joy, uninhibited by the

Rights and wrongs,

the must’s and should’s,

the have to’s,

the Faking,


Obliged to no one,

The road was steep and the sanctions

for speaking the truth

flattening, soul wrecking.

Carry on I did,

Secured by my roots, my childhood ways.

Needing nothing and no one

Living by simplicity

Food, clothing, and shelter

The love of my family and community

Today it is the same.

Leaving those who punished me, for my truth, to mend their own hearts

And clear their conscience.


Here I go, moving on.


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