Of all the emotions I have felt in my life

Desperation has been the most

Difficult to hold in the body

Of the Soul.

To be so hungry for some measure of relief

From the pain and suffering

But not know which way to turn

To alleviate the suffering.

To stay in the state of desperation too long

Or for it to arrive in the being too many

Times is concerning to the


For it can be like a tsunami

That washes over the soul

Drowning out any sense of Hope.

Though others will look at you and say

But you have this, you are this

And the traveler says

I can’t feel it, I can’t see it.

Help, please help me

Pull back the waves of despair, hopelessness

and see the light.

Please, show me the way.

Because desperation is so personal and intrinsic

to the human being experiencing it

the individual must find their own way out.

The answers are found in the simplicities

And silence of life.

A gentle surrender to a Way of living

That coddles the soul and feels

Like home.

Where the soul may come out and dance freely

And be welcomed by the Earth.


Enabling Joy.

           ~Lori (2014)

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