The workings of courage are strange indeed

When one is practicing the virtue of courage

One does not feel the courage.

In fact the person most holds in the awareness

realties that seem juxtaposed

to the sensations they most long for

in the crucial moment of

stepping forward in courage.

These are the reasons that most stop the adventure

and turn back for safer ground.

If one waits for the inner experience of courage

one will never leap forward.

The sensation arrives only

after the bridge is crossed.

Seems like trickery to those

Who dare to cross.

Seems foolish to those who linger


Fear and Faith are the double edged

Sword one must

grapple with in their being.

It does cut deeply at times

I would think to remind

that there are no guarantees

in life.

The heart as a guide is the surest way

for if the knife draws blood

there remains a feeling of being


Courage as a  virtue is then worn as a badge of honour.

                     ~Lori (2013)

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