Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light

Being born with light is a walk which

Carries a thorny path

Dark mounts its force

To extinguish the light

Utilizing whatever it needs to gain momentum.

Warriors of the light cannot do the same

For they are bound by love, peace and vision.

No toolkit for retaliation or revenge

For it is not the way

Any carrier of the light knows this deeply.

The sole purpose of being connected to the light

Will disappear if the warrior steps into the dark.

Trust and surrender are the only weapons

To battle dark ways.

A building of the light

To overcome the dark.

Not to allow the dark and its illusions

To sway the light

This is the task

Of the Light Warrior.

A force for good

Till the last breath

No matter the size of the thorns.

T’is humbling.

                     ~  Lori

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