A Living God

A Living God

I wanted a living God in my Being,

I wanted to feel a presence

In me

That was written in the Holy books.

I did not want to think –

Love, humility, compassion,

And forgiveness

I wanted to feel it in my heart,

Know it from the inside

Feel it run through my veins.

This has been my spiritual journey.

To remove the blocks inside me

That prevented me from feeling a living God.

Removing the resentments, the failures,

The hurt, the betrayal from my heart

To allow the channel of Love to open

In my heart.

To genuinely and authentically

Love, love everyone

 love myself

And be loved.

To know and feel God passing through me

Each and everyday

Raising me to more than I am.

Helping me get past me.

A Living God.


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