A Fool For Love

A Fool for Love

A woman’s heart is a precious gift to her,

Though most would say otherwise.

It allows her to keep on giving, caring, nurturing

Even when it is broken and bleeding.

Of course most women say, Why do I still Love

I am a fool.

I knew better, I knew I should stop

I knew it was not right for me.

But I kept on Loving.

I loved till I fell on the floor, I loved till

I lay flat and motionless

I loved when I no longer wanted to.

My heart betrays me, I will hear women say.

I say, tisk tisk

When the woman reaches beyond the broken and bleeding


It no longer matters when the pain comes

The pinons pass right through

And the bondage of the heart can

no longer restrain the Woman.

She is free of being a fool for Love.

This is the journey of the woman’s heart

Free to Love.


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