A Butterfly Song

A Butterfly Song

All along
I have known the butterfly song
But could it be mine.

I watch the butterflies take flight,
At night to the bright firelight,
It’s beautiful to my sight.

One day he was there,
I knew he was there for me
So I asked thee
I want to sing, but what shall I sing,
He said to me
Listen to the butterfly wings,
There’s a song you must learn to sing.

So I listened and I listened,
And this is what I got,

The gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wings
Echo in my mind,
As if they’re whispering to me
The butterfly drifts with the wind ever so gently,

Tonight is the night to take flight,
But be careful to do what is right,
When it’s right to take your flight
At the end of my song the butterfly song.

The beautiful one of a kind butterfly gently
circled me. Then he touched my heart, in a way
I had never felt before. I yelled “Again, Again”,
But it was too late. The butterfly was gone, going
to help someone else.

A Butterfly Song.

– Hanna McKinney
Chaquita- 2011

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