It was a long and wicked battle God,

My battle to be free.

Fear will have no dominion over my soul,

Even when I shook violently.

Feeling alone, seeking fervently

Tiny, tiny nuggets of truth gathered along the way.

I do not wish to convey my ungratefulness for the gifts,

Had I not had faith I would have collapsed.

Now I find my bones weary and my desire for stillness complete,

though joy fills my soul as I see the majesty of your ways.

To feel the power of your love and strength in me

is an honor, a privilege I will

respect all the days of my life.

Now turn me out to the world to be your holy servant for I am ready to speak your ways,

Be free my gentle warriors, be kind to your soul

For it lingers in the tenderness of exposure,

This being the Way.

Really I think I lived life backwards!

                                ~Lori (2012)

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