Native American legend tells of a Raven who was fascinated with her own shadow so much so that she kept pecking at it until it came alive. Her shadow then ate her. This tells of Raven knowing both worlds. She became part of the mystery.

As I began to prepare myself to make public my poetry I realized that it did not seem appropriate at all to use my proper name. I meditated for an extended period looking for inspiration; it was in this realm that I was drawn to the name RAVEN, through music, prayer and symbolism. Crows are scavengers to survive. In many ways my journey to survive is synonymous with that of the Crow. Many points in my life were dark and difficult and many days were spent scavenging just to hang on with the hope that someday all that I endured would be of purpose. I am happy to say that that day has arrived. Grateful I am!

Lori Ellis-McKinney (2012)