Somatic Trauma Release

Somatic Trauma Release  

is an  effective way to discharge trauma and reorganize the nervous system towards healing.

During a session, Lori McKinney,   coaches the client to become curious about bodily sensations in a way that opens neural pathways and allows the discharge of trauma-bound energy.  This adrenaline-related energy came up in your body in order to deal with an emergency but often it remains in your system for decades, causing numerous problems to your physical body as well as with your emotions, relationships, productivity, sexuality and creativity.

The results of STR can be phenomenal and can be integrated with all therapeutic modalities.  This process encourages healing in your body as well as your mind, emotions and spirit.  As trauma can wreak havoc on one’s health, this work is applicable for many conditions or situations including:

  • Old and recent injuries
  • Accidents
  • Abuse
  • Loss
  • Poor Digestion
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Psychological and relationship problems

Trauma is defined as anything that is overwhelming to the nervous system of an individual.

This may include birth, drugs, surgery, accidents and injuries, emotional or physical shock, abuse, or even repeated negative thought patterns.  Somatic Trauma Release is an effective way to prevent chronic problems from developing, or to release the cause once discomfort or illness has set in.

It is not so much what happened, as how it affected your nervous system that determines the extent of disabilities that may develop.

Most people are familiar with the term, “fight or flight”, a natural response of the sympathetic Nervous System.  When something happens that we are not able to protect ourselves from by fighting back or running away, the next response of our nervous system is to freeze.  By “freezing”, our body has to expend a huge amount of energy keeping this trauma from discharging.  Thus, instead of being available for healing, our resources are tied up in keeping this trauma-induced energy below the surface.

How do people usually deal with trauma?

Instead of being able to shake off this energy that our body produces during a traumatic situation, what we usually do is think about our problems, analyze the traumatic event, run through a gamut of emotions, and watch our nervous system run haywire resulting in conditions such as hyper activity, addictive behaviors, insomnia, depression, and physical pain.  With a lot of determination and often years of therapy, we learn to compensate in any number of ways, which works until we collapse in exhaustion or are triggered by a new trauma.  Then we collapse into chronic fatigue, nervous breakdown, and serious degenerative illnesses.

Many say that STR is the “missing link” in their healing. 

In our society we are normally taught to ignore or suppress pain with medication, or distract ourselves with entertainment or work.  STR sessions allow you to tune in to and experience your bodily sensations as Lori talks you through them.  As you do this, an amazing thing happens.  Through noticing your body, you are actually allowing your nervous system to release and discharge this long-held energy.

When somatic experiencing treatments are completed, the person often reports a feeling of being free and more engaged with life, as well as decreases in levels of physical pain and the absence of other problems that can prevent a person from experiencing life to their fullest potential.