Mind ~ Body Practitioner

Mind ~ Body Practitioner,  Lori Ellis~McKinney

Mind – Body A health practice that combines mental focus, controlled breathing, and body movements to help relax the body and mind. It may be used to help control pain, stress, anxiety, and depression, and for overall health. Examples of mind-body modalities include meditation, hypnosis, guided imagery, yoga, and tai chi. A mind-body modality is a type of complementary and alternative medicine. Also called mind-body practice.

Mind/Body Medicine, sometimes also referred to as holistic healing or holistic medicine, has been at the root of philosophical, medical, and therapeutic discussions for ages. Mind/Body Medicine refers to the interaction between the mind, body, and spirit, specifically the ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors together can directly affect health. With the advent of modern medicine and pharmacology, mind-body medicine had been downplayed in the Western world until recently, when researchers and practitioners started to see the benefits of combining approaches.

For practitioners this means looking beneath the surface of symptoms and finding the more fundamental causes for the conditions we treat. By leaving behind the old Western school of thought that illness happens either in the mind or the body, practitioners can achieve a more complex and complete understanding of health and illness.