Without Shame

Without Shame

I wish we could come to a place in society that people could feel free to tell their survival-healing stories and that society would want to hear them and relish in the knowing of them.

And yet each day we are subjected to bad news stories, of corruption, greed, murder, abuse etc and that spreads like fire.

Tell me what does that teach our children, they are listening, watching and learning from what is publicized.

Shall we make public, without Shame, our stories of redemption, mercy, salvation, renewal, recovery and let our children learn how to rise through and rise above these events in our lives that are surely going to happen.

Without Shame can we tell how we overcome tragedy, death, divorce, disease, addiction, abuse, poverty, etc.

Each day I witness good people quietly working their way through the healing processes.  I know beyond all knowing in myself and others that life will go on, and can go on after experiencing any of these heartbreaking events.  But if we never talk about how it goes on, how we heal, how do others believe that it is possible.

How do they have Hope that they too will put the pain behind them and live a good life, if they never see or hear an example of it in real life.

Without Shame, gentle warriors, Share your stories of healing with others so they too can come through the darkness to the light.

This is my wish,

Lori Ellis~McKinney (2014)

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