Wisdom is Birthed From Experience

Wisdom is birthed from Experience
There is only one way to gain Wisdom and that is to live first hand through experiences one might rather have missed or avoided.  I once said to a young lady who assessing me and not understanding the lines on my face, the depths of my eyes or the choices and decisions I was making- It is easy when you are young to portray what you think you might become in your life. I was once a young powerful female on the exterior, but unsure on the interior.  As I aged and experienced love, parenting, being a professional, facing life, difficulties, the unpredicted and unexpected and enormously difficult life choices, the turning of time turned my focus to the interior.  The true test of Character is when the rubber meets the road and you must choose.  One never knows what one will do until in the moment.  Such is life.
Eldership is a concept that I have taken to heart and I sought out leaders to follow who have stood the test of time and trials, leading by example rather than words that may not have actual experiences to layer behind them.
There is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path. – Morpheus

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