Who do you See when you look at me?

Who do you see when you Look at me?

Last night at meditation group I spoke from my personal story and heart.  Lately I have been angered to the point of speaking about the lens for which some people choose to see me and how it so utterly invalidates my lived experience.

How could they I think-

How could they layer me with their own interpretations of my reality, their dysfunction, their motivates and intentions.  And how given my life story- the pain I have endured and risen above and through- how on earth could they ever question mine.  When time and time again my character, my truth, my pain, my choices, my actions have been put the fire burning test and I have passed.

I have stood, though my guts laid on the floor and my heart bled crimson blood, I took responsibility for my life all my life since I was a young girl.

I requested nothing from  anyone but love and the support of my calling.

And yet I hear the echo of she’s changed, she loves the drama, she wants to be someone, she she she.


Well no it’s you you you, if your thinking that way about me.  I have been on the same path all of my life. I am the same person, just a little wiser.  I live a simple, frugal, predictable daily life. I live on 85 acres and I rarely leave it. I help people, day after day, as I always have and always will.


So I would ask-  Who has changed?

A fine gentleman wrote me this morning who listened last evening.  He said What I see in you. One who has been there, lived it, experienced it and has turned her life to help others through it.  Many see that in you, and about you and love you.  That is what they see…………

Thank you my friend, thank you for honoring me my story and who I have become

There is no greater gift than to see someone as they truly are.


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